A generation waits… even now!

This generation….Twenty years ago, freedom swept through Eastern Europe. An entire region of the world broke free from from Communism. Now, a new generation is coming of age – one that cannot even remember oppression. Their parents never even imagined a life like this. But they still don’t know Jesus. Less than 1% of this generation count themselves followers of Jesus Christ. On average, there is only one small group for every 8000 young people.

A generation waits…. Waits to hear the message of salvation, waits to see the Word become flesh and dwell amongst them. Soon they will be difficult to reach. Their life choices will be made and convictions will be hard to change. Quickly they will rise to positions of leadership and chart the course for their children and children’s children. Right now they are open and waiting. How long will we wait to reach them?”

This is the message that Josiah Venture, the American partner of BIG is broadcasting for the Capital Campaign, which is currently taking place in USA, in 11 different vennues, with the purpose of mobilizing a capital investment for the reaching of the next generation in Eastern Europe. The goal of the campaign is to mobilize financial and human resources, so that the results of the ministry will be doubled in the next three years.

The message is extremelly challenging – A generation waits…even now…it’s the generation of those born in freedom. What are we doing for them? Before, we could pretend we don’t have freedom to bring the Gospel to those around us. Will we now find a confortable excuse, or take action? Are we willing consider doubling our ministry results in the next three years?

We could start now, by praying for those who are trying to mobilize the necessary resources for this important ministry. And, then, we could start working, each of us in their environment, for shortening the waiting time of those fromt today’s generation. Trully, we could do this!

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