BIG 5.3 – Insights and pictures

The conference that just ended had a truly challenging theme: „Team work and team leadership”. Because of the way everything worked, because of the quality and intensity of the interaction, because of the interest shown towards the seminaries and practical workshops, and also because the focusing of attention until the last presentation, we could conclude BIG5.3 comes as another success in the list of events organized by the BIG-Impact Foundation so far.

You can see some pictures from this blessed event in the gallery at the end of this article.

We do not want to say good-bye to this event without allowing some of the attendants to share their insights. These insights were collected both during the event and at the end.

David Moza – Prietenia church, Oradea – I want to say that this conference is a great challenge for me, each session motivates and helps me see the leadership process in an integrated and unitary manner. I like the team spirit of the leaders. I am glad you exist and you are doing a terrific job. Go on!

Stela Albu – Timisoara – These were new information for us, because we haven’t attended such a leadership focused conference. These things have enriched me and I want to apply them in my ministry.

Ionut Corlan – Drobeta – Turnu Severin: It is very encouraging to meet again with people who use the same language, wishing to have a positive impact in their circle of influence, but, specially, to discover together constructive ways of team work. For me, this is a time of re-focusing, encouragement, reviewing and re-evaluation. I am glad to be here this week!

Daniel Cojocaru, Braila: During this conference I enjoyed the building of the concepts on a biblical basis, the detailed organization in each stage, the quality information and the interaction in the workshops, where I appreciated the vulnerability of those up front.

Marius Ungur, Prietenia church, Oradea: First of all, I want to congratulate you for the programming. Everything was thought of, beginning with the information desk. Congratulations! Second, an extraordinary thing was the team work seminaries. Through these seminaries you have created an environment through which we have spent time together, which contributed a lot to a better knowing of the members of the working and leading team and helped clarify some issues regarding leadership. Keep doing the extraordinary thing that you have started.

Cristi Petricioiu, Curtea de Arges:

1. It is special joy to get to recognize many of the last year participants and to realize the interest for this ministry. The general feeling is that of a family and a big ministry which we are dedicated to accomplish (each of us where we are based)….

2. I see an improved dynamics at an attendants’ level. (worship, focus, attendance, etc.), comparing to last year. This is good.

3. It still amazes me how the material presented is congruent and of such a high level, although the Curriculum Development team was so large and have met only a few times.

Adrian Lauran, Craiova: Despite the fatigue and the long time we have not seen each other, what brought us together – physically and spiritually – was the worship environment. God’s presence was felt from the first strums of the guitar, or the firsts beats of the drum. The thing that makes me say this is not just God’s promise, but, also, the prayers: „You are a God of wonders, it is a wonder we are here, together!”, „I love you, Lord, for you are my fortress”, „I love you, Lord, for you are my guide”.

The challenge from the Word came in the same pitch – God was there and was speaking to us. The great apostle Paul was presented to us in the light of the grace of Jesus Christ and in the midst of a great team. The conclusion came by itself – you become „great” through grace and the unity of the team.

Radu Domocos, pastor – Prietenia church, Oradea: I am very delighted of the challenging spirit that I experience at the workshops organized by the Vox Domini and Metanoia churches. Also, I like the BIG team – they work together in the same spirit with the material they are presenting…but, also, the food is extremely good and sufficient.

Daniel Roman, Braila: In a personal way, I appreciated the „leadership through servanthood” concept and, also, the involvement of the young leaders in BIG. I came here because the issue of leadership is very important for the fulfillment of the mandate of the church. BIG5.3 offers a biblical and practical perspective, which was already implemented in some of the churches that work.

Lucian Ciupe, Providenta church, Oradea: The greatest joy for me is that I could come with a group of collaborators from our church. Without pretending that everything we have heard here is new, I can say that everything was systematically organized in a practical way, which helped us see the clear steps we could take in our own church. We are leaving the conference with hope and with an enlarged horizon, determined to apply the things we have learned.


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