Good News from Moldova

I’ve just come back from Chisinau, where I spent 4 days with a group of women (35 women from all over Moldova), in whom I have been investing for three years already. If 3 years ago only 2 or 3 of them discipled other women, now more than half of them pass on to others what they learn. I was impressed especially by one story:

“After our meeting last time, I couldn’t sleep at night. The women from our church came to my mind, and, also, ideas about what I can do with them. When sister Lidia told us that we might not sleep at night and God might give us a vision for our life, I thought she was kidding… I didn’t believe it could happen. But I couldn’t sleep for several nights in a row, and when I went to church I couldn’t concentrate at what was taking place there. Instead I looked at the women around me in a new way and I was asking myself, ‘Lord, whom do you want me to help? In whom do you want me to invest? What do you want me to do?’

I am part of a very conservative church, where there is no vision for discipleship, especially when it comes to women. They are not supposed to do anything in the church, except for singing in the choir. I kept wondering what to do. I learned at the retreat that I should work under the authority of my pastor, so, I thought, I should go to him and tell him all these, but, how should I do it?

I prayed that God would give me direction. I went to the pastor, and I told him what was on my heart, that I wanted to help the women in our church to grow in maturity, to be good wives, to serve the others… so that we can help build the Church. I was nervous, but I knew I had to do something, because I wasn’t able to sleep at night! My pastor looked at me, asked me a few questions, and then he said he would think it over and communicate his decision to me later. What do you think it happened? After 2 or 3 days, my pastor gave me a list with over 40 women and told me, “Choose a group from these ladies and start taking care of them!’
What a joy! My pastor lets me invest in these women! He trusts me! I was very encouraged.

After a while, my pastor asked me to take care of some young women. Now I have three groups in the church and I feel so blessed to be able to minister to them!”

So, when God gives you a vision, it might happen that you won’t be able to sleep and find rest until you are get involved and start doing something to fulfill it!

Lidia Schiopu

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