Oroshaza – BIG Family Retreat

The resort of Oroshaza, Hungary, has been, between September 1-6, 2008, the host of the already traditional annual family retreat of the founding members of BIG Impact, and also, of those who are active on the BIG platform, e.g. the curriculum development team.

An ex military barracks, converted to a hotel due to the expanding free market economy, situated in an oasis of quiet and green scenery, and with a very appreciated Aqua Park, especially by the kids and young people, Oroshaza offered the perfect environment for an annual retreat that will be one to remember, in powerful contrast with the Boomerang effect of the Bulgarian sea shore, back in the summer of 2007 (friends will know what I’m talking about…)

We intended to spend these days with our families, so that we could tighten the relationships with the greater BIG family. We reviewed our vision, core values and practices, that define the platform through which we expect to support the development of the next generation of leaders, and we also gathered together every morning and evening for a time of worship, devotion and meditation. Together with us we had an old friend of Romanian Christians, Iosif of Holland, aka Johann Boekhout, whose devotions have forced us to open new horizons regarding our individual closeness to God and his service.

Together with another close friend of Romanian Christians, Nick Nedeltchev from Entrust, Iosif offered to the executive team of BIG a few short reprises of consulting that we “cut into” from the time dedicated largely to our families and interaction with others.

Of course, our retreat at Oroshaza wasn’t perfect, but surely helped the building of our team, helping our families understand what’s so special about BIG that it deserves such an investment during the year. It would have been perfect if everyone could have been there as expected. Sadly, some of the BIG founders couldn’t attend due to various reasons. We felt painfully the absence of Gelu Paul and also of Nelu Paul, who had to cancel their coming, along with their families, due to the exceptionally difficult medical problems that their wives, Rodica and Corina were facing.

We thank God though because He governs all things with tenderness, taking care for us in all our circumstances and we are, at the same time, encouraged, seeing the way He answers our prayers. 

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