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The beginning of this year, for the Crown Ministry in Romania (ministry promoting financial biblical principles that are to be owned and lived) was a highly charged but also fruitful, considering that following a meeting with the principles of financial and work presented by Crown (listening to messages or radio, reading books, attending conferences and in particular by studying these principles using Bible study materials provided by the Crown in Romania through BIG Impact Foundation), increasingly more people declare that they have reached outstanding experiences for their spiritual lives, taking crucial decisions in financial matters.

Some of the most important activities are listed below:

1.  Exposing the fundamental concept GOD – The Owner by preaching about it in the discussion about the biblical teaching about finances, in several churches, both in rural and urban area. At these meetings there were exposed to God’s Word about 2,000 people:

• January 10 – Draut Baptist Church, Arad
• January 17 – Santana Baptist Church, Arad
• January 31 – Holy Trinity Baptist Church and Providence Baptist Church, Bucharest
• February 7 – Emmanuel Christian Church, Galati and Metanoia Baptist Church, Braila

2. The conference for businessmen under the heading “Honest Business – between myth and reality” organized by the Christian Church “Emmanuel” from Galati in cooperation with other evangelical churches in the area. The event took place on February 6th and was attended by around 35-40 people and small business entrepreneurs. The conclusion that broke away from the study of Scripture and the intense debates was that, in Romania, as a Christian (even as a businessman) you have to be 100% honest with His help, in order to count for the kingdom of God.

3. The conference organized by the Church “Petra” from Pitesti on February 26-28, which were addressed topics such as: God – The owner, Integrity, Debt – how to avoid or get rid of them, etc. The event was attended mostly by high school students, college students and other people.

4. Teaching introductory course on biblical financial themes at the Pentecostal Theological Institute, Bucharest (years of study 1, 2 and 3) on February 17, and at the Baptist Theological Institute, Bucharest (years of study 1 and 4) on February 18.

Following these events many people wanted to declare that their lives will not be the same, meaning that they understood the Word and God’s call for being worthy stewards of the property entrusted to them for the glory of God, and that they have made holy decisions in this regard. Here, for instance, is what two people from Braila who attended the conference in Galati told us:

The presentation from Galati simply changed our perspective on ”our small business”. Until then I looked at our activity as being a good job that God gave us, we saw that He has blessed us, but we have always looked for ”gates” to make it safe from aggressive taxation of our country. After this seminar we decided to call God THE OWNER, to let him control the things and us to be his own tools. For God didn’t promise to satisfy all our desires, but all our needs. A right relationship with Him in every area will allow His grace to guide us in everything. And this would be enough for us. (Lili Naumof and Simona Buzatu)

We thank God for His guidance so far and we show our willingness to take these healthy principles related to business and personal finances, based on the unchangeable word of God, to other places where is an open door.

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