BIG Impact Founders General Assembly

Held between September 1-4, in Brasov county, at Vila Bran – Bran, the general assembly of the foundation focused on three main issues: remembering God’s past work, analyzing the present of the organization (the founders’ meeting, discussing and deciding, among other things, upon new directions in ministry) and an overview of the future God prepares for us in this ministry.

For each one of these directions, there was but one conclusion – God is at work in our midst and continues to have plans for using each one of those present, for the transformation of our country. We fully rejoiced in his presence during our time together, admiring the mountain scenery and feeling loved by him through the majesty of his creation. We also delighted in the fellowship we had, in the various discussions during different team meetings. We enjoyed a balanced schedule and excellent facilities at Vila Bran.

Also, God has touched us in a special way through Dave Patty, the president of Josiah Venture. Surprisingly, his messages were not about church growth, discipleship as a function of the Body, or Bible study methods, but, rather, the necessity of profound relationships among the families of servant leaders. We thank God for this wonderful time and we thank all those who invested in making our attendance possible!

Truly, this meeting will be remembered as a milestone, for all those present.


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