JV Conference – Malenovice: Faith That Amazes

The JV Council and the Spring Conference, designed for the missionary families, was hosted May 9-15, at KAM, the JV conference center in Malenovice, Czech Republic. Gelu Paul and Cristi Petricioiu together with their families, and Bill & Bobbie Trenckmann, attended from Romania. The conference theme was Faith that Amazes, with Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor of Moody Church from Chicago, as the main speaker.

Cristi Petricioiu shared his thoughts regarding the time at Malenovice:

For almost a week we were encouraged and surprised by what God had put on Erwin Lutzer’s heart. Sharing with great humor, Dr. Lutzer exposed our hearts to encouraging words from Scripture, designed for crises and suffering situations, when our faith is strongly tested. Besides the messages regarding the faith encountered in dangerous situations, when we face storms and persecutions, God also spoke to us through the living examples of His people. These people encountered trials and suffering but through it all they experienced God who was with them and perfected them in the trials.

Dave Patty, the president of JV, taught together with Erwin Lutzer on the themes: Faith that Amazes and Faith that Inspires. Throughout the week some 200 missionaries from Eastern Europe and America had the opportunity to be encouraged in their ministries from the Word of God and to build relationships with one another.

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