OSCER between transformation, challenge, ministry and renewal

For 10 days, in September, over 40 students from 7 cities in Romania attended the experiential conference named Formacion, with the purpose of transforming students into people passionate for God and his mission among their colleagues. Here are some of the insights from the attendees, that motivate us, knowing that investment in people brings results:

“God spoke me in a personal way, about who he is for me and how he wants to work and show his glory in my life!”

“I live with a decision to study and discover the Bible in a deeper way!”

“I was powerfully challenged towards evangelism, discipleship and fulfilling the responsibility we have in the Great Commission…”

”God was at work, speaking specifically to many of the students, regarding passionately evangelizing and discipling among students. As another student said: “Here God gave me a burning desire for him and for those around me.”

Formacion was an appropriate and beneficial environment for OSCER, especially before the new school year. We could see changes in the local groups, where more projects for evangelizing and discipling were born.

In October, at OSCER general assembly, students from all over the country came together to go deeper in understanding God’s dream for the student movement. A new national coordinator was named – Dragos Vlasceanu – he will serve in this position for the next two years.

We are thankful to God for the enthusiasm and the passion he places on students year after year, and for all the efforts which are bearing fruit, enlarging his Kingdom among the Romanian students.

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