Young Women’s Network: Training in Petrosani

One of the most dynamic ministries in BIG Impact is done in the Young Women’s Network, a network which continually encourages and equips leaders from various parts of the country.

Recently there was a training in Petrosani, for young women who seek to further develop their relationship with Jesus. Diana Bocsa (DU), the leader of the Young Women in Ministry Network, shares the following details:

On November 18-20, together with four young women, I traveled to Petrosani. After a few days of intense spiritual attacks, we left for one of the most beautiful, but also, the most spiritual darkened places in Romania. We knew God had something special for us there, and the enemy was not happy with it. We are, though, aware of the victory of Jesus on the cross and we traveled in his power, as his emmisaries.

This is our second trip to Petrosani. We went there for the first time in June this year, for a discipleship training. As a result of our time together, a few young women started discipleship small groups for the girls in their local churches.

Damaris, one of the girls who attended the training, stated in an email: “I was very touched by the things we have talked about…I started in Rovinari, a town close to Petrosani, with a few small groups for girls who want to be disciples of Jesus. Although the girls we work with are around 9-12 years of age, they react very well… we already see God at work, some of them bringing their friends with them for the training.”

This time we met with the girls who wanted to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, getting involved in evangelizing and discipling. We talked about the centrality of God and about discipling in the ways of Jesus, not ours (which often happens). We ended our time together discussing about repentance and expressing repentance. Every time we turn towards God and invite him to take the central spot in our lives, something special happens. Indeed, he is the Good News! We thank the Lord for all those who are supporting our ministry.

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