Good News from the Youth Network

A major priority in BIG is the re-launching of the Youth Network. Aside from the national team, led by Cristi Petricioiu, an important role is played by Bill and Bobbie Trenckmann, an American missionary family, who came through Josiah Venture to serve in BIG, assisting the Romanian leaders in adjusting the vision, laying the strategy, developing contacts, training sessions, etc. Following, Bobbie Trenckmann is kind enough to share with us the significant news in this ministry.

Some 18 churches across Romania, have opened their hearts and doors to a warm relationship with us, and to encouragement and training in their youth ministries.

We are greatly encouraged and challenged by their faithfulness and commitment to reaching the next generation for Christ. Here’s a brief update:


Flaviu Coman has facilitated meetings with some 10 churches in this area. On March 31st, we met with about 35 youth leaders in Navodari and looked together at “Jesus, the Master Teacher.” On May 12th we will encourage leaders to “Imitate the Master.” Youth leaders from the area are welcome to join us!


Marius Mezin has welcomed us to work with his youth team at Metanoia, and also introduced us to Golgota Pentecostal, and to Holy Trinity Baptist Church. And in Galati, we have enjoyed coming along side Narcis Ciobanu-Huma at Holy Trinity Baptist Church.


Marius Mezin introduced us to the Baptist pastors at their regional meeting in Tulcea on April 3, and two ministries have invited us to come and assist them.


We began meeting with Cristian Claudiu at Punctul Central in December. Currently we are taking him through a study of Biblical Self-Worth, Friendships and Dating Convictions that he is teaching to his youth. He said, “Other Romanian youth never get to study this kind of stuff, but they would be wild about it!”


At our last meeting with Radu Druta and his team at Vox, we looked at how Jesus taught and how youth learn (through discussion/dialogue/questions).

Because of a strong belief in relational ministries, our goal is to be personally acquainted with each leader, his team, and their ministry context, as well as to provide regional training seminars. And in this process we want to identify and assist Romanian Youth Leaders who are training other leaders also. The opportunities for this kind of ministry in Romania are immense, so we have been asking God to bring others here to join our team.

Two families from the US joined us for Vision Trips in March and April, and both couples have begun the process of applying to Josiah Venture to work with BIG Impact here in Romania.

Brian and Katie Burkhardt, from Boise, Idaho, joined us for a 10 day ministry trip from Timisoara to Constanta meeting pastors and youth leaders, who won their hearts! Brian, with extensive background in camping and social media, would assist youth leaders in these areas as needed.

Narren and Clarise Anderson, from Vancouver, Washington, viewed ministries in Medgidia, Constanta, and Braila. Their hearts were also drawn to join God’s servants here in their efforts to reach the up and coming generation of youth.

Narren, with 10 years of youth ministry experience, would seek to assist youth leaders in the process of helping youth grow into men and women of faith.

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