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One of the most dynamic ministries among the young generation in Romania is done by the Organization of Evangelical Christian Students – OSCER. Dragos Vlasceanu, the national coordinator, presents the latest news from this ministry:

Ski Camps

“Winter, exams and holiday,” these are the words that describe January and February, but for OSCER this time meant more than that. Over 80 students attended the three evangelistic ski camps and we find it encouraging that new students, with an open heart for hearing the Good News, were present!

We are thankful to God for this opportunity for sharing the Gospel through such an environment and for all the students who attended.

Changes and New Leaders in OSCER Executive Team:

Beginning with March, three people have joined the OSCER exec team: Mihai, Ana and Daniela. We are very happy for the way we see God calling people and bringing the right ones, with the necessary skills and gifting to complete our leadership team. At the end of April, Alex Ilie stepped out of the leadership team and Dana Jibetean moved to Canada. We are thankful for their entire service in OSCER during all these years. We are searching and praying for someone to take over and lead the east region in OSCER.

IFES “Undivided” Conference, Gyor, Hungary

Perhaps the most transforming event, for us as OSCER, was the motivational and evangelistic conference, called Undivided, which took place in Gyor, with over 1700 students from all over Europe.

The theme was Undivided, tackling topics like idolatry and worship.

A few insights:

Neli, a student from Timisoara: “For me this conference was like a sign pointing towards God, with a surprise message: idolatry. I believe God wants me to be a Christian fully devoted to him: at school, in OSCET, everywhere! It is difficult to remain undivided, but I struggle and wish to resemble him more and more.”

Radu, student from Cluj: “The Undivided conference was an awesome opportunity for me, where I could enhance my relationship with God and those around me; old and new friends. The entire event was very motivational for me, and the area I started to change is evangelizing, rethinking the methods and my motivation for this. Aside from the messages and creativity unleashed for the conference, we also spent time with our OSCER team and shared what he had spoken to us and were able to dream together.”

Ana, student from Brasov: “I was strongly encouraged and motivated regarding the student ministry and my testimony among non-believers, and I am very excited now. I will take time to review once more what I have heard and learned there and I can’t wait to put everything into practice. Also, I got to know closer the power of his death and resurrection and I got closer to my Lord – actually, he got closer to me. I practically experienced a miracle God has done in my life, at the right time! Praise God for the way he works in such a glorious and unexpected way! I am glad I am in OSCER and I thank God for you!”

Bogdan, Pitesti: “For me, Undivided was a call to wake up, although I knew part of what was taught there, it meant a lot for me to have someone remind me of things like: “Friend, let’s start to live like you and I deserve!” I rejected the cloud around me, which kept me in place and said – “Now or Never.” Surprisingly, I did not expect to see results so soon, but I see them!”

Another encouraging thing was to realize we are part of this big family of students (IFES) who have a heart for students and work and dream for students.

We are expecting, with excitement, to see the fruits of these events and the way the academic environment in Romania will be changed and transformed, campus after campus.

Called to Bless – Mission Trip in Moldova

The last weekend in April, an OSCER student team traveled to Moldova to do a mission in one of the evangelistic camps that CSC Moldova (The Community of Christian Students) organizes.

During the past years we have seen how God calls us not only to receive and focus on ourselves, but, also, to be a blessing and a help for other student movements. Therefore, we decided to help run this camp where Moldavian students came with enthusiasm, bringing their friends with them.

OSERC and Christians in Romania have a big missionary potential. Each year, the experiences we share with the student movement from Moldova are amazing. This year, over 45 students, both Christians and non-believers, came together, attracted by the topic of the camp: Where are you looking for love? Is is fascinating to see these students’ openness to the Gospel and to Jesus… we got to share with almost all of them both God’s love and the way we experienced it.

“In this camp I got closer to God and his love. And, especially, I pondered seriously the questions and discussions we had in the small group. I had the opportunity to open up and share my life.” (Vitalie, student in Moldova)

We had a 6 people crew from OSCER, doing talks, panel discussions, film and games. We noticed there is a great openness towards Romanians and they are very receptive to what we are sharing.

We thank God for having the opportunity, this year, to serve the student movement in Moldova, being blessed and being a blessing!

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