Freedom in Christ!


On March 6-9, 2013, the Excelsior Hotel in Brasov hosted the Freedom In Christ training. The main speaker was Steve Goss, the international director of Freedom in Christ Ministries, organization founded by Neil Anderson, the well known author of The Bondage Breaker and Victory Over the Darkness books. 85 participants from all across the country came for a dynamic and interactive time of learning, in which Steve Goss approached two main topics:  the way we can make fruitful disciples and how to help others find freedom in Christ. This training was meant to be the launching of Freedom In Christ Romania, under the coordination of Daniel Lavric. For this event to take place there was intensive work done on finalizing a three book package: The Leader’s Guide, The Participant’s Guide and The Steps to Freedom in Christ booklet, materials that were used during the training. The very focused presentations, the small group exercises, the live worship moments and the interaction during the breaks made the time spent in Brasov one that was extremely beneficial and challenging for the participants. The material was well received, both for being very balanced and for following a biblical approach. Following, you can read a few insights from the participants:

The time spent at the conference was beyond my expectations. It came as a present at the right time in my life. Many things started to make sense for me. I received answers to questions I was struggling with. I was happy to learn practical things that I will be able to use both in my personal life and in my ministry. I want to thank the organizers for doing an excellent job!   I had a blessed time that I consider a win both personally and professionally. The thing I enjoyed the most was the idea that what we believe, as Christians, on an intellectual level, has to get down into our hearts. Many times we say we forgive our brother, but this only stays at a theoretical and intellectual level. Rarely do we forgive our brother before the Lord, with tears and with the correct attitude. I saw in my life the need to align my heart with what I believe. Many times, the anxiety, the bitterness, the envy are finding an easy place into our hearts and we do not react to these realities. Our hearts, our feelings center, has to be rooted more in what God has intended for us: peace, joy, love, acceptance and this course helps you do exactly that. I was blessed attending this conference! I believe that the Freedom In Christ course explains, through a biblical approach, the biggest burning issues Christians have and offers a very practical way of experiencing the freedom that only Christ can give. The organizing and the atmosphere of the conference were excellent!


I believe this conference is following the line of preaching the whole Gospel. It was a wonderful experience to be able to understand that each one of us has strongholds that need to be busted, but now I also understood how to do it. The tool we used during the conference is valuable, because through it we are helping believers get in contact with the Lord Jesus, so that they can be set free. Personally, I leave the conference motivated to put all that I learned into practice, in the development of the people I invest in, with discernment.  I thank the organizers for all their service.

A gallery with some images from this event: