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During the past year, OSCER has experienced a few major changes. Dragos Vlasceanu, the national coordinator of the student movement offers a few insights about the activities, aspirations and prayer requests of this organization.

The past summer over 150 students from all over the country were involved in 5 evangelistic and training camps organized by OSCER. These camps were designed as environments meant to bring each participant closer to God, both Christians and non-Christians. Starting from various topics, as ”Google 4 Something”, ”Time”, ”Absolvetiada” (word meaning both Graduation and Olympics), or ”Adventure Camp”, we had the opportunity to share through our words and life about our Lord. The Gospel was, therefore, lived among our friends and colleagues.


Such environments are truly transformational, both for university students and for high schoolers. We even had international students, who knew nothing about Jesus and Christianity; the camps helping us develop close relationships with them.

Aside from knowing God, we enjoyed the nature, the mountain, going through various activities. The zip-line, fast rope, mountain climbs, team games, competitions, the ”Starbucks” coffee house we developed, the open mic, the talent show, the English lessons, the discussions, the camp fire and other such activities made these few days become memorable.

A few insights from the participants:

Ana Ilie – Pitesti:

Soccer, mud, English, God, discussions, fast rope, zip-line, marshmallows, even a virus – all have made this camp and we all experienced God time and again and got connected with him.

Johny – Suceava:

I was impressed the most by the behavior everybody had towards me… in a good way… I believe OSCER is a special organization and I hope God will continue to help you in everything that you are doing, so that this ministry will develop.

Nora Bogdan – Craiova:

It was lots of fun! The activities were fantastic! The team games were super and the red team was the best! I love the fact that I made new friends from all over the world.

Georgiana – Pitesti:

I liked it very much. I like it because it is not only an English camp, it is a Christian camp, where we could find more about God. It was a beautiful time with you and I hope I will be back next year.


Now, with all these camps behind us, we are preparing the strategy for 2013. We dream that the number of students involved in discipleship will grow significantly. Also, we desire to increase the contacts with those who do not know Jesus in a personal way. We want to get involved more actively in the life of the university, by embodying the Gospel among students and, also, we would like to start 3 new OSCER groups in the country.

Therefore, we pray for people with a heart for students in other cities. Recently we connected students in Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Targu-Mures and Bacau, with the purpose of starting pioneer ministries for the student movement.

Also, we are glad to see God has opened more doors so that the OSCER events from more groups could happen inside the university campuses.

We pray for all the evangelistic events that will take place, and, also for the ski camps in this winter. Also, we pray for an evangelistic tool we want to bring in Romania – UNCOVER (we want to raise the necessary funds). We would really appreciate you joining us in prayers.


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