Over 1000 Romanians Attended The Global Leadership Summit 2012!

For the fifth consecutive year, Romania was part of the big family of countries that host one of the biggest leadership training events, namely The Global Leadership Summit. It was a real marathon that meant organizing the event in five different cities in Romania. At the end of the tour, Emi Moisa, part of the organizing team shared these insights:

Who can answer all the needs that God allows around us? Lately God has challenged me through many people dealing with various needs, needs that the church and every believer should meet.

I saw the need the church members had to be helped in their problems; I saw the need of those in the hospital to be encouraged in their pain; I saw the need people have to be listened to and counseled in the way of the Lord; I saw the need to help people get out of poverty, understanding what they have been entrusted with by God; I saw the need to plant new churches and shine a light in dark places with the Gospel of Lord Jesus; I saw many other needs…, but I also saw a special need, which, if dealt with, could help meet the other needs, at least in part: the need leaders have to be encouraged and challenged in their leadership.


By God’s help, BIG Impact brought to the Romanian leaders one of the best tools for their encouragement, development and challenge: The Global Leadership Summit. In 5 locations in Romania (Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Hunedoara and Timisoara), leaders from the evangelical churches, from the business and NGO world were invited for a time of training, interaction and finding of good solutions for the problems their churches and organizations face.

We thank God for over 1000 participants in the Summit in 2012, including the volunteers who helped run the event. I am sure that every one of them was challenged by God and that, in the next few months, some things in their lives and ministries will improve significantly.

I have this conviction because God has challenged me, in many ways. But, perhaps, the most important thing I was challenged with was the „accusation” of mediocrity. Jim Collins defined mediocrity as chronic inconsistency. I felt, under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, that I have to change something to be able to fulfill at least a part of the dreams God has placed on my heart. Namely, that I have to start, to exercise and then to live the fanatic discipline in the way Jim Collins described it in his message. Even though I do not have the final answer to the things I have to consistently watch for in my daily ministry, I pray daily the prayer for commitment to the role God has for me in the building of his church.


At the same time I am waiting for the Holy Spirit to whisper what I have to do and how I can do it with fanatic discipline. And all of this because I want to become a better leader. Definitely, I want this for all the other leaders around me, because I feel that what pastor Bill Hybels, the founder of the Global Leadership Summit, said is true for us: ”Everybody wins when a leader gets better.”

For 2013 we would like to see more leaders in Romania encouraged and challenged by God, by bringing heavenly transformation around them. For this we are trying to see if we can do other events specialized on serving leaders, spread over a bigger area.

Pray with us for the national team that does these events, that we might be healthy, passionate and effective in fulfilling these plans from the Lord. Also, pray with us that God will open the necessary doors so that we might offer this resource to business people, those working in NGOs, arts, education and other environments, even government and politics, so that we could all see the touch of God on our country.


Here are a few thoughts from the Summit attendants:

This event has offered me both the challenge and the resources to take my ministry and leadership from good to great.


It is a privilege to lead, no matter if the times are good or bad. I have to do everything that is up to me to be disciplined, Christ centered, talk less and walk more.


I understood that I don’t have to accept the world as it is, but change it!


I have to be strong no matter the circumstances, people need me.


As the leader of the organization, if I get better, my organization will get better. God will honor the creative initiatives and his Kingdom will grow and he will do miracles through us.


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