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Although many of our activities were reduced due to the economic crisis, one of the ministries that defies it and is prospering in spite of difficulties is that of the Pastoral Theology specializing program. Because at the core of BIG vision is a desire to equip workers and leaders for the Romanian evangelic environment, this ministry has progressed through a Romanian-American partnership that led to the forming of a solid team of instructors holding many skills, their desire for excellence is encouraged by the dream for this program to be accredited at a level of Master of Arts.

Whit the extremely valuable help of Dr. Andy Seidel, from Dallas Theological Seminary, the program is growing constantly, offering modern, interactive, collaborative training at the highest standards.

The faculty was strengthened by the addition of 7 valuable people.

The current student generation, the 7th (starting from 2014) is the second one using the e-learning platform, offered with no strings attached by Adrian Buhai. This tool has further increased the quality of training. Because of it, the work of the 26 students is uniformly spread during the 3 months of study needed for each module, helping increase the interaction in small groups and the more efficient focusing of the seminar meetings.

This year we finished several modules, namely the Personal Development, The Family of the Christian Worker. Presently we work at the Leadership in the Church module, coordinated by Andy Seidel and Mihai Dumitrascu, course that will have the seminar on November 19-21. After this, on December 1, the next course will be launched – The Organizational Management, coordinated by Gelu Paul and Titus Pastean.

The insights form the students are speaking for themselves. We selected a few:

A seminar with many sermons, many emotions, maybe the most consuming until now, but very interactive and useful. After many years of preaching and developing a personal style, I need to make some adjustment and ”unlearning” to do things is not easy.

I thought I knew many things about marriage and raising children – I have 15 years of marriage, grown children, heard so many sermons and conferences on the topic of family. I thought I knew many things, but I returned a different man after the seminar: understanding that I made a lot of mistakes towards my wife and my children.

A pragmatic, motivational and consuming seminar at the same time. For me this module was a true blessing, arriving at a moment when I could not find a practical solution to overcome certain limits.

Please support us in prayer, so that we could reach financial self support. We also need prayers for a better promoting of the program toward the evangelical leaders and for a partnership that would assist us in getting the accreditation for a Master level.

Following you can view some images from the seminars of the last modules:

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