Seaching for His Face

In the long weekend of April 30 – May 3, 2015, over 70 young women and girls from all over the country met in Brasov and focused on searching the face and the heart of God, for themselves and for the girls they invest in, as a consequence of Jesus’ command to make disciples. We took our Lord’s command in serious and, for a few days, we dug deep in his life and strategy for ministry.

The ministry is a consequence of the overflowing of the intimacy with God, therefore another emphasis of the time spent at the conference was focused on cultivating intimacy and connection with God. He wants us to know him and search for him and he is faithful to answer. The evening times, dedicated to cultivating the relationship with God, was led by Laura Hash, a missionary in Poland, along with her husband, for over 20 years.

The training time focused on the heart and strategy of the discipleship was coordinated by Diana Bocsa (Anton), Laura Dinu and Ioana Andra. They are discipling in Romania for over 13 years and God has brought inspiration and a lot of fruits through their obedience along the way.

The participants left energized, motivated, encouraged, and full of life and peace. The most encouraging feedback shown new groups or discipleship relationships being started. This is what one of the participants has written in the week that followed the conference:

This conference helped me a lot. At the beginning I did not have great expectations, but I learned a lot about myself and it strengthened a lot my relationship with God. I am now thinking of starting a discipleship group. It helped me know that God is in control. Thank you for everything! It was a special experience! E.G.


The ”Young Women in Ministry” network, inside BIG-Impact, is a network that focuses on women and girls who are working with girls from their local church. The main objective of the network is that these young workers get ongoing care, are equipped and trained, encouraged and motivated to disciple girls from their church. The idea of developing this network appeared in 2006, following some visits in the country and discussions with different leaders who shared their needs and dreams (both on a personal level and at the ministry level). We realized we wanted to address these needs and offer specific care to the women involved in working with girls.

Following the evaluation of the quality of discipleship, in 2012 we came to the conclusion that the next healthy step is investing on a regional level. Our focus shifted from national annual conferences, to regional conferences and meetings, and, also to providing personal care for the ”strategic” leaders in the country. The quality of discipleship depends on the intimacy of walking with God, along our brothers and sisters and is visible in generations of disciples who are making disciples.

Please join us in prayer, so that God will raise women passionate for him, willing to be part of Jesus’ mission.

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