Mihai Ciuca

Born in Braila, as the third child in a family with rich evangelical heritage, where everyone in the last three generations has known the Lord, Mihai received, ever since early childhood, a Christian education. His parents offered him a genuine example of living close to Christ, in a time before the freedom brought by the ’89 revolution, and his grandparents have planted the Word of God in the hearts and minds of Mihai, his brother and his sister, ever since early childhood.

As a teenager, he did not fit in the local church, not having the spiritual gifts that were regarded with high respect at that time, so he follows the steps of the prodigal son. After a few years living at the border between the church and the world, without feeling that he fully belongs to either one of them, Mihai experiences a dramatic comeback to God, through a sermon given by the pastor of the local church, who spoke about Eutychus. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Mihai understood that the border between the church and the world is the most vulnerable place for him. He already felt that, as those from the world were rejecting him because of his “church” origins, and those from the church were rejecting him because of his wavering path. Mihai experienced blows from both these directions and, in the night of December 27, 1986, touched by the Scripture he just heard, he realizes he has to make a clear choice. He chose God! At that time he was studying engineering at Galati University, which he graduated in 1988.

Meanwhile he experienced a divine appointment with Gelu Paul, leader of the evangelical student movement in Timisoara, a movement that had developed clandestinely (both from the oppressive communist regime and from the official church). A discipleship and mentoring relationship developed, at a distance – a relationship that turned extremely beneficial for Mihai. Their collaboration extended to present times, as Mihai was one of the people who formed, in 1996, the core group that gave birth, later on, to the BIG Impact movement.

In over 20 years of walking with God, Mihai allowed himself to be used by the Lord in various positions: journalism, mission, church planting, charity, business, systems development, religious freedom lobby, etc.

In his life he encountered great difficulties, victories and failures, serious health issues and untold blessings. The journey with God, though, continues! In almost all this time he had Ana close to him – they married 25 years ago. Together they have a son, Bogdan, who is now 22.

Mihai is part of the BIG Impact Foundation’s board and currently coordinates the Media & Communication department.

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