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Biblical Landmarks for Financial Education

Titus Pastean, one of the founders of BIG Impact, who has a heart for spreading and promoting the biblical principles on personal financial management and business management, shared some news and needs that exist in this ministry. One remarkable thing is the starting of the translation and printing process for a new and very valuable […]

The Global Leadership Summit – From the Organizing Backstage

The Global Leadership Summit wouldn’t have such an impact and wouldn’t drive so many changes towards good if there wouldn’t be people who sacrifice their time to bring their contribution to organizing each edition. One of the volunteers at the last Summit in Bucharest, Bianca, shared with us what it meant for her to be […]

Thoughts and Insights From the Final Event of The Global Leadership Summit 2015/2016

The last event of The Global Leadership Summit 2015/2016 in Romania was in Bucharest, on February 5-6 2016, ending a tour organized, beginning with October 2015, in Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Hateg and Timisoara. In Bucharest, 180 leaders from church, business, non-profit, government, education etc. attended 2 days of leadership training, in which the sessions presented by […]

The Global Leadership Summit – a viable solution for the leadership crisis

One of the major discontents of our society is dealing with its leaders. Tens of thousands of people filled the streets recently, because they are fed up with being led by leaders who are unapt, unprepared, who are lacking character, who are not taking responsibility,  who are corrupt and looking  only to fulfil their personal […]

OSCER – after harvest, back to sowing seeds!

The Scripture is the power of God to change lives. The lives of high school and university students are changing when they meet God through the Bible. This is the testimony of Drago? Vlasceanu, following the English camp for high school students, organized by OSCER Pitesti. Miki Stan totally agrees: We discussed, during camp, about […]