To be able to effectively achieve its vision, BIG-Impact is structured on specific ministry networks that would develop their own philosophy for ministry, in harmony with the values and overall vision of the organization. It is our desire to have a flexible platform, and by submitting ourselves to God’s wisdom we want to be able to create the context for developing leaders of churches with global impact, leaders who would function both on national and local/regional level.

Since we do not claim that we’d like to reinvent the wheel or be a competition to others who are effectively covering certain areas of ministry, but rather support them, in order for us to help increase their impact, BIG will develop specific partnerships with other organizations or Christian ministries that have the same set of values, and share a vision that is compatible with the vision of BIG-Impact.

We are open to associating ourselves with those who thrive for an increased impact of the evangelical churches in Romania, and who are willing to invest consistently in the development of the promising leaders of the future generation.

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