To be able to fulfill its vision more effectively, meeting the needs and opportunities from the Romanian evangelical space, BIG Impact Foundation provides several services structured on well established areas of ministry, each developing its philosophy of ministry in harmony with the overall values and vision of the organization. We want to have a flexible framework where, under the divine guidance, we could create environments conducive to the development of global church leaders, who act both nationally and locally or regionally.

Since we don’t intend to/ our intention is not to reinvent the wheel or to compete with others who well cover specific areas of ministry, but rather we want to support them to increase their impact, BIG develops specific partnerships with other Christian organizations or ministries based on the same set of values and share a compatible vision with the BIG IMPACT vision.

Still remains open to us to associate with those who yearn for a greater impact of the evangelical churches in Romania and who want to consistently invest in training of the generation of tomorrow leaders/ of the future leaders and multiplying the churches with global impact.

You can find details about BIG Impact on the subordinate pages.

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