Titus PasteanIn order for us to apply Biblical principles to the formation of a new generation of leaders in Romania, especially in the area of administrating/stewarding resources (and the financial ones in particular) B.I.G.-IMPACT has entered a partnership with CROWN FINANCIAL MINISTRY, a foundation specialized in this domain. Our mutual dream is to see leaders, both men and women, who after having been integrated in their local churches, would strive to know Christ in a deeper, more profound way, would serve Him liberated from material insecurities, and would contribute financially to the fulfillment of The Great Commission.

In order for us to be able to reach this goal, what we have planned to do is translating, producing and distributing different kinds of specialized materials on this topic: books, small group studies, and any other similar type of educational materials. We would also organize conferences on this topic, we’d train instructors to teach small groups, etc.

We believe that our country is in desperate need to discover and apply these Biblical values and principles about money, particularly because of our context that has been dramatically affected by corruption, greediness, and insensitivity towards our neighbor.

Somebody who is in a very unfortunate situation as a consequence of their foolish decisions related to the way they have administrated their money has recently read the Romanian translation of Business by the Book by Larry Burkett, has confessed: “Had I read this book at the time when I started my business… I would have surely made wiser choices and today I wouldn’t have bare the consequences of all these unwise decisions.”

Someone else whoa has been reflecting over the principle that states that God is the owner of all things has told us: “I’ve always known that God created all things, but never have I thought that He is also holding them in His absolute possession, and that every single thing I have is only given to me by God as its steward. Understanding this has changed my life completely, once and for all.”

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