Consulting for BIG 5.3 Conference

The members of the creation team from BIG Impact met on May 22-24, in Sovata, to continue to continue to develop the materials to be taught at BIG 5.3 conference in October, the theme of the conference being “Team leading and team work.”

A group of over 20 participants from all evangelical churches work together in harmony, faithful to the values of BIG, having the purpose of creating a curriculum that will not only ease the transfer of quality information to those who will attend the event organized by BIG, but also to create an interactive process of experiential learning, followed by some applications that would consistently continue what was taught at the conference, in order for us to equip leaders for the next generation.

Although the effort made by the participants, measured in individual work hours as well as in valuable time invested in interaction with the creation team seems immense, when looked at through the lenses of the objectives set forth this is justified and necessary, being offered as a sacrifice of good aroma, in waiting upon blessings from above.

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