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We live in a world with a dynamic of change beyond our parents? imagination. Despite a historic anchoring in religious tradition, our corner of Europe , while taking our first steps from being ideologically subdued by Marxism-Leninism to struggling to live with freedom, is being molded by a process of accelerated secularization. In this context, it is increasingly difficult for the young generation to find the moral and spiritual standards it needs, especially because family, school and churches fail to fulfill the formative role they should have. Education of the young generation is absorbed from the media, the internet and peer-pressure. The breadth of knowledge and depth of culture is shortcut through Wikipedia, school is passed with the help of essays copied/pasted from the internet, interpersonal communication is reduced to chat and SMS, and values have become relative.

You can close your eyes and see that the world has changed, but if you open them, you can see that the Gospel is the same and that God acts in His unique way to reach out to the young, emerging generation. In this line of thinking, BIG wishes to be a tool used by God for raising leaders for the new generation of evangelical Christians in Romania, people with a passion and a vision, dedicated to building bridges that will help spread the Christian message to those who radiate self-sufficiency from their postmodern ivory tower, but are in desperate need of being confronted by Jesus Christ, because He is the only one who can and is willing to offer them a meaning and a purpose in life.

Our vision is a growing movement of Churches with Global Impact.

Our mission is to create an inter-denominational environment that facilitates the development of global impact leadership.

Our core practices are:

  • Purpose driven life and ministry
  • Discipleship as a Lifestyle
  • Teamwork and Team Leadership
  • Developing Churches with Global Impact
  • Creative, Biblical Crisis Management.

Our desire is to have an impact in this God-estranged generation and we believe that we can be more effective if we work together. Should you choose to join us; we would be excited to unite our forces for His sake!

To God be the glory forever!

Gelu Paul, Strategic Coordinator of BIG Impact

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