Conferences with Andy Seidel

Andy Seidel is coordinator of Theological Seminary School of Leadership and mentor for many generations of ATS graduates from Romania. He recently taught in three different locations his course on Leadership that’s already translated and printed into Romanian. These conferences were organized by BIG Impact as following:

  • Saturday, September 5th – Timisoara, Aletheia Church
  • Tuesday, September 8th – Brasov, Romanian Baptist Church
  • Saturday, September 12th – Galati, Emanuel Christian Church

J. Brain Eby co-trained with Andy; the teaching focused on the following themes:

  • The process Jesus Christ used in making His disciples, as described in the Gospel of Mark
  • How Andy’s book on leadership can be used by pastors, elders and missionaries involved in making new servant leaders.

According to one of the attendees, those who were part of this conference were impressed by the fact Jesus created experiences in the process of making disciples, as leaders. This is something they all need to work on in the near future: creating experiences in forming the servant leaders they work with.

Each of the attendees received a copy of Seidel’s book, to use it in equipping the leaders in their local church.

Important to notice that Andy Seidel is a veteran of United States Army and a former professor at the prestigious West Point academy. He left his job there to serve as senior pastor at Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas, for fourteen years.

To be able to serve as missionary, Andy left his position as pastor and traveled with his wife in the Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union for training pastors serving in different mission fields. Besides being the director of “Center for Christian Leadership”, Andy continue to work in Russia, in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, together with Entrust (former BEE International) and is associate professor in doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Andy is married for more than 40 years with Gail and have two children and six grand children. Andy loves spending time with his wife, his children and grand children, and serving as elder in his local church. He also loves watching the TV program, “24?.

BIG Impact is the Romanian partner for Andy in continuing the ATS program. This working relationship is based on the Agreement to accredit and contextualize the program as well as for rebranding it in the Advanced Training Seminars.

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