History Makers

History Makers is an initiative developed in partnership with the International Leadership Institute for the young generation, which evolved in a network of dedicated leaders.

In the curriculum there are items as:

  1. Intimacy with God
  2. Passion for reaching the unsaved
  3. Vision for leading (setting the example)
  4. Relevant evangelizing in your own culture/community
  5. Leaders multiplication
  6. Family priority
  7. Being a faithful steward
  8. Integrity

Maturing History Makers trips take 6 months. The first week represents the HM seminar in itself. The next 6 months we devote ourselves to keep in tourch, to write each other, encourage each other, share insights and devotions on www.historymakersinromania.ning.com (a sort of private FaceBook) accessible only to those in the HM network. Finally, the weekend reunion (which ends the 6 months of HM Trip, consists of two days of discussion and encouragement with those who attended the HM Trip).

We expect a maximum of 24 candidates, for a better reciprocal relationship. The recommended age is between 18-35, but exceptions can be made, if the candidate has potential and recommendations.

This year’s instructors include:
Ionu? Corlan – Drobeta Tr. Severin (Smirna)
Marta Cotuna – Timi?oara (Vox Domini)
Efraim Goldstein – Israel (Jews for Jesus)
Page William – USA (International Leadership Institute)
Brian Haag – USA (International Leadership Institute)
Martin Durham – Anglia (HM Europe)
Scott Dun – Arad (Free Methodist World Missions)

The seminar will take place between June 21-27, 2009 at Motel Dumbrava, B?ile Herculane (Herculane-Baia de Arama km 12). Those interested are asked to register here for details.

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