The Pastoral Theology Program

BIG Impact, together with Entrust4 (ex-BEE International) has developed a partnership for the training of the Romanian ministers in Pastoral Theology. The purpose of this program is the continuous education of those who finished the BEE International (E.B.E.) curriculum, or similar courses, so that they would become “resource” people, and an important objective of those who initiated this program is that the students would be prepared and motivated to transmit their knowledge to others, so that, in their turn, they might continue this process. This program intends to prepare trainers for local church based training centers.

An overview of the Pastoral Theology Program

The Pastoral Theology is a curriculum designed to ensure a high level of training and equipping of those who are already educated and qualified for the Christian ministry, through enhancing their competences and multiplying the “resource” people for teaching pastors, evangelists, missionaries and church planters, in local church based training centers. Through these centers, the church leaders whom we train will develop a training program which is integrated in the life of the local church.

By “training center” we understand an organized group of trainer leaders who work together for training the next generation of leaders.

The emphasis is on a godly character and, also, on developing ministry skills and academic competence. It is our goal to mare the participants aware of the importance of spirituality and personal godliness, of humbleness, honor and good relationships between the professor and the student, in the learning process.

The program is coordinated by:

SeidelAndy Seidel – president of B.E.E. International, M.S. University of Illinois; Th.M., D.Min. Candidate, Dallas Theological Seminary; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, (1968-1972), Lecturer in Management and Administrative Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas (1972-1976), Pastor, Grace Bible Church, College Station, TX (1976-1990); ATS Pastoral Theology Coordinator, 1990-1996; Executive Director, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1997-

The 2006-2009 student generation is assisted by:

Mihai Dumitrascu – national coordinator – Pastoral Theology, pastor – „Emanuel” Christian Church, Galati, coordinator of the pastoral network in BIG Impact.

Petrica Ursache – program manager – Pastoral Theology, elder in the Brethren Church in Botosani.

Gelu Paul – trainer – Pastoral Theology, strategic coordinator of BIG-Impact, pastor, “Vox Domini” Church, Timisoara.

Daniel Iosub – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Director for Eastern Europe of „Community Bible Study”.

Teodor Bulzan – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, pastor „Betania” Church, Oradea.

Ovidiu Ghita– Trainer – Pastoral Theology, pastor of „Sfânta Treime” Baptist Church, Galati. 

Jerry Wels – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, professor, EBE România.

Adi Totan – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, pastor of “Vox Domini” Church, Timisoara.

Adi Lauran – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, pastor of “ProDeo” Baptist Church, Craiova.

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