BIG5 Course Follow-up

Beginning with the fall of 2007, BIG launched a complex training program, called BIG5, focused on five core practices, common to any church with global impact. Every one of these five practices has a course, launched by a conference and continued through a follow-up process. Mihai Dumitrascu, the coordinator of this followup process brings us a short update of this ministry.

“After going through BIG5.1 (The Philosophy for Ministry), BIG5.2 (Team Leading and Team Work), and BIG5.3 (Biblical Discipleship), and then going through the follow-up-up process, in 14 regional centers, bringing together over 90 local churches, we are now preparing to evaluate the churches that joined us in this journey of implementing BIG’s core values and practices.

For this, we are preparing evaluations tests, based on the past courses and, at the same time, we are ready to offer support to the regional centers and local churches involved. In this way we intend to prepare them for the next two courses – Growth Management and The Church as a Training Center”.

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