“Mature and Free in Christ” with dr.Neil T. Anderson

Every Christian and every church is in a continue spiritual battle, and many are caught in the bondage chains of various destructive thoughts, negative habits, fears, anxiety, anger, depression, wrong self-image and value.

Given this, we are happy to announce that from 5 to 12 June, in partnership with BIG Impact, the well known Christian writer Neil T. Anderson, author of over 40 books including The Bondage Breaker, Victory over the Darkness and Released form Bondage, will lecture in Romania, on the Mature and Free in Christ topic.

The conferences will take place in:

• Timisoara: June 5 to 6

• Sibiu: June 8 to 10

• Brasov: June 12 (potential)

The well-known American Christian leader, Jack Hayford, believes that “Dr. Neil Anderson’s Freedom in Christ Ministries offers insight into the nature and the spiritual battle being waged within individuals. I believe that here is a key to release far more than those individuals themselves; here’s a ministry that is essential for equipping the whole Church as a liberating force in this generation.”

Also “Dr. Anderson shows in a warm and insightful way, how Jesus is the Bondage Breaker” says Josh McDowell.

Neil was raised on a farm in Minnesota. He served his country for four years in the Navy. He worked for four years as an aerospace engineer before being called full time into the ministry. He has served the Lord as a high school campus pastor, and in the local church as a youth pastor, college pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor.

He taught for ten years at Talbot School of Theology and was the chairman of the Practical Theology Department. He then founded and became the president of Freedom In Christ Ministries which has offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and throughout the United States.

On May 5, 2005 he retired from Freedom In Christ Ministries and incorporated Discipleship Counseling Ministries. He conducts conferences for Christian leaders around the world in addition to maintaining a heavy writing schedule.

With an impressive academic recognition, among other things holding a Master of Arts in Christian Education and Masters of Divinity in Practical Theology, a Doctor of Education in Institutional Management and a Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care, Neil stays involved with the academic community by teaching Doctor of Ministry classes at several seminaries.

He enjoys golf, bike riding, traveling, family, and being a grandparent.

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