ReImagine the Christian Student

On November 11-14, at Valea Draganului, Cluj County, OSCER organized the “ReImagine the Christian Student” national conference.

110 students from 9 university centers from Romania and Moldova had the opportunity to explore what it means to be a Christian during the student years. Speakers like Gelu Paul, Martin Haizmann or Kris York shared topics like “The Content of the Gospel”, “The Gospel’s Relationship with Me”, “The Gospel and Others”.

The messages, the seminars, the worship time, the interaction among participants and the ministering in the area were the ingredients that flavored this conference.

The participants’ testimonies help us believe the event was a success:

I clearly understood God’s fatherly love for people. I want to get involved in evangelizing students in campuses! Andreea, Bucharest

I understood I have to give Him control over my life and invest in what he invests – in People. Marian, Pitesti

God has showed me that the main reason for me, as a Christian to be unfruitful is my lack of sufficient love for people, and my lack of passion for the Gospel’s message, for Christ. I leave encouraged to follow him more and be ready to proclaim his name. George, Timisoara.

The conference ended with the participants’ commitment to embody the Gospel in the environment they are for a season of their life: the Romanian and Moldavian universities.

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