(ATS) Pastoral Theology Program

One of BIG-Impact’s major work is forming evangelical leaders, using the pastoral theology program as a spear head. This program continues to equip those who decided to sacrifice their time and resources to be able to get training for serving in their local churches. Therefore, on November 3-5 we ended module 5 of 13 that make the ATS curricula. The Pastor as Preacher module was coordinated by Dr.Woody Woodward, together with pastor Ovidiu Ghita. Woody Woodward has graduated University of Texas, and has a Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Nowadays he is in another Th.D. program, focused on preaching, at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, having Dr.Haddon Robinson, one of the best in homiletics in our time, as his coordinator. Woody pastors Kingwood Bible Church in Kingwood, Texas. Ovidiu Ghita pastors Sfanta Treime Baptist Church in Galati.

The Pastor as Preacher module focused on developing the skills necessary for communicating God’s truth with creativity, integrity, relevance and impact.

Aurel Dobre, one of the students in the program told us:

At last, during this module, I saw how you analyze a sermon and what a true sermon is made out of. Thank you for these courses, they are fantastic! For me, they are something new and welcomed!

Beginning with December 1th, we will launch module 6 – The Pastor as Teacher, a course coordinated by Dr.Andy Seidel and Pastor Mihai Dumitrascu. This module is focused on equipping pastors for mobilizing the constituents of the local church towards holistic, biblical growth. Until March 6, the students will upload their homework for the module, and then, on March 7-10, in Vulcan, they will meet with their professors for the final debate.

We would love your support in prayer, both for the enlisted students, because their sacrifice and investment are considerable, and for the American and Romanian professors, who are collaborating long term for this strategic project.

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