The Global Leadership Summit, 2011 edition

As in each of the past three years, through the partnership between BIG Impact and Willow Creek Association, a new edition of the Global Leadership Summit will be launched this fall. This event will be available to leaders across the country through consecutive events in numerous locations.

“The leaders, by definition, develop their leadership skills, grow spiritually and deepen their intimacy with the Lord. I believe that each leader’s honest desire is to see his ministry bringing results, and the context in which he serves reflecting God’s plan. The transformation of our ministry context is almost impossible without our own transformation as leaders. My prayer for this year is that God will use GLS to increase the leadership quality of each attending individual. I hope we will be drawn closer to God during this summit and, as result, our impact both in church and society will grow.”

These are the expectations and prayers Cristi Voaides, the national coordinator of the Romanian GLS has regarding the 4th Romanian summit. Five of the locations that will offer this leadership training event are already set, other two locations still in process of being set. GLS 2011 will take place, as follows:

October 21-22 – Cluj Napoca

November 11-12 – Bucuresti

November 18-19 – Craiova

November 25-26 – Hunedoara

December 2-3 – Timisoara

We challenge you to support this ministry in your prayers and we hope that many people will benefit from this event. We deeply appreciate the tremendous amount of work, both by the Willow Creek Association producers and by the local GLS family, which makes this event possible.


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