The Young Women in Ministry – Team work-meeting in Arad!

At the end of February 2011, the coordinating team of BIG’s Young Women in Ministry network met in Arad for a weekend of planning, fellowship and evaluation. More about this event are related by Diana Bocsa, the national coordinator of this network.

Nine young women from all over the country gathered in the very western part of Romania, in Arad, for a meeting that became memorable; memorable, like all of our previous meetings. Coming from Alba Iulia, Cluj Napoca, Brasov and even farther, from Braila and Bucharest, it was a delight to spend those days together as a team.

Our time is always divided into two parts: the relational time (always purposeful and special) and the work time (though work rarely feels like work when we are together). We ate, we talked, we caught up, we laughed, we visited some of the ministry of the hosting church Metanoia, Arad, and we evaluated ourselves, our team, our ministry. Then we looked ahead. We see a lot of fresh opportunities for the future and we asked for guidance in knowing what God wants us to do. It is His ministry and we are His workers.

We are going through key times, asking the Lord to show us what could be and has to be our role in helping the local churches in Romania become global impact churches – churches that are centered on Jesus’ Gospel, and that are in mission. We would appreciate your support in prayer, as we listen and try to do what God wants from us, as a national team focused on discipling young women.

A few insights from the participants:

During this meeting in Arad I noticed that because we got to know each other better, we act like a real team, both when we have fun and when we work. And God prepared us in such a way that we complete each other. (Cristina Chis, Cluj)

Together we looked to God, to each other and to the future! God continues to build us as a team and it’s amazing to see how our relationships grow based on our intimacy with Christ. This time it was a delight to look at each one of us and to encourage each of the gifts God gave us in order to make a difference in our team and our mission. At the same time it was challenging to look into the future trying to clarify what our involvement in Romania’s churches will look like. It’s amazing to look at God together and to be part of the same mission! (Ioana Andra, Bucuresti)

As it has happened to me every time in the past 4 years since I am part of this team, I left our retreat physically exhausted but excited and thrilled to be on a mission with girls that are so gifted and dedicated to ministry. This time I was practically encouraged to know and make the most of my spiritual gifts in the local and national ministry and trust my God who has all the power to transform people and churches. (Lidia Ivanc, Bucuresti)

It was a delight for me to discover God in so many facets through my friends’ experiences. I was also encouraged by their dedication and passion in serving those for whom Jesus died. I can see that every meeting we have brings us closer and makes us more of a team.” (Ligia Trandafir, Braila)

For specific prayer requests, questions or words of encouragement, you can write Diana (DU) at duordiana[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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