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Last year Flaviu Coman, one of the pastors of Bethlehem church in Medgidia, with a vast experience of over 17 years in ministry, accepted to coordinate BIG-Impact’s Youth Network. Following, Flaviu shares with us a few of the things that took place in the Youth Network.

1. Monthly study meetings in Constanta and Medgidia. Bill and Bobbie Trenckman, JV missionaries, together with Flaviu, offer training to the Baptist and Pentecostal pastors in the area. The study is focused on the way Jesus did his ministry.


2. Periodic evangelistic meetings in various locations. One of the most encouraging ones happens in Cuza Voda, Constanta County, where Catalin Dieaconu meets weekly with a group of arr. 30 youth. 8 of these are already believers and we are praying for the rest.


3. Each month Bill and Bobbie travel to Pitesti for Bible studies focused on biblical identity, with Petra church ministry team.


4. 13 youth leaders attended, in September, the ”Radiate” conference in Malenovice, Czech Republic, organized by Josiah Venture. The emphasis was on that approach to God that transforms you into a radiant Christian.


5. The camps ministry got a valuable boost through Brian and Katie Burkhardt, JV missionaries who moved to Romania to help the Romanian churches organize Christian camps. They started with a camp in Calarasi in August last year. They were helped in this project by 3 US interns.

6. The ”Discipleship as a Way of Life” training retreat took place on September 10-11, with 50 participants from various evangelical denominations. On the same topic, on November 7-9, in Selimbar, a youth leaders’ meeting took place, with 110 people attending.


7. Objectives for 2014:

Until April 31, 2014 we want to have 10 meetings with youth leaders from 10 regions in Romania, regions represented at the Selimbar meeting, where we will work towards implementing the ”Discipleship as a Way of Life” course (BIG5.2 Course)

Together with Brian and Katie we will organize 3 evangelistic camps during the summer. We will be helped by US and Romanian interns, who will be trained to be able to serve in the evangelistic camps.

We also intend to develop the national camps team, on the direction of training. Catalin Dieaconu will join our team to help specifically with training interns for the camps.

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