Biblical Landmarks for Financial Education

Titus Pastean, one of the founders of BIG Impact, who has a heart for spreading and promoting the biblical principles on personal financial management and business management, shared some news and needs that exist in this ministry.

One remarkable thing is the starting of the translation and printing process for a new and very valuable resource for the financial education, the book Wealth Riches and Money, which explores laws, values and principles that are at the core of a healthy biblical management of the goods and finances. In a world where Mammon’s domination (through fear or arrogance) seem to get a hold on most people, even among those who consider themselves followers of Christ, only the truth of the Gospel can set us free and heal us from the tyranny of money and goods. Because, no matter how much we try to separate the spiritual from the material, in the end every financial decision is a spiritual one.


On March 26, I was glad to attend 20 years of existence of RVE Timisoara (Radio Voice of the Gospel). My joy was specially connected to the confirmation, once more, after discussing with those attending, for the relevance of the investment done in the direction of financial education, using the radio as a tool. Several years ago, when this idea came, I wasn’t necessary convinced by its value, but I made the first steps and things went forward. Today, on many Christian radio stations in Romania and abroad, we could listen to biblically inspired financial education radio shows. It is extraordinary!

This does not eliminate the need to continue organizing seminars for financial education in the light of the Bible, for church people and for business people. The biggest need we have today is reprinting some of the books we use in this ministry, that are currently out of stock. For this we need financial resources. We welcome all the support – through prayer or for the reprinting of the books.


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