Preparing for The Global Leadership Summit 2016-2017

The preparations for the next edition of The Global Leadership Summit Romania are underway for a few months already. In this edition, the Summit will take place in 6 cities, with Iasi being the newest addition. The dates are:

Cluj-Napoca, 4-5 noiembrie

Hateg, 25-26 noiembrie

Timisoara, 25-26 noiembrie

Iasi, 13-14 ianuarie

Oradea, 20-21 ianuarie

Bucuresti, 3-4 februarie


This year we are expecting over 1100 guests in the 6 venues. The participants will be exposed to 2 days of leadership training, with content delivered by Bill Hybels, Melinda Gates, Alan Mulally, T.D. Jakes, Horst Schulze, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Erin Meyer, Wilfredo De Jesús, Patrick Lencioni, Chris McChesney, Danielle Strickland, Jossy Chacko si John C. Maxwell.

2016 represents the beginning of a development plan that will cover several years, in which we intend to increase the number of participants and cities where the Summit will take place, aiming, at the same time, at decentralizing the execution of the event, wherever this is possible.

Iasi 1

In the first half of 2016, among evaluations, budget actuals and discussions for setting the new year, tha national team traveled 2 times to Iasi, where it met with a group of local influencers and, then, with key people who will be involved in organizing the first edition of the Summit in this part of the country. Several venues in the city were visited and we chose the Students’ Culture Hall, a modern venue that meets the criteria for organizing such an event.

Also, we are discussing the organizing of a Special Edition GLS, geared toward business people, in Oradea. The photos in this article are from the training session organized in Iasi.


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