Thoughts and Insights From the Final Event of The Global Leadership Summit 2015/2016


The last event of The Global Leadership Summit 2015/2016 in Romania was in Bucharest, on February 5-6 2016, ending a tour organized, beginning with October 2015, in Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Hateg and Timisoara.


In Bucharest, 180 leaders from church, business, non-profit, government, education etc. attended 2 days of leadership training, in which the sessions presented by Bill Hybels, Jim Collins, Horst Schulze, Sheila Heen, Brené Brown and Craig Groeschel, projected on high definition video, were followed by a time of processing the information, both individually and in teams.

This training is already an integral part of many of the participants’ calendar, who are returning each year to get a new infusion of vision, skills and new perspectives in leadership.


Here is what some of the participants are saying:


One of the best editions of the Summit. I liked both the speakers and their messages and, also, the facilitators, who I think did a great job. Last year God gave me a big vision at the Summit… it is big, so it is from Him, and this year he strengthened it and I was very encouraged.



For me, this year’s Summit represented an important milestone in my development. I knew how it looked like, I attended once in the past, many years ago, but I have to say it surpassed my expectations. I was expecting quality, but I was impressed by the weight and substance of the messages. My takeaways:

a) Analyzing myself, I think the grit is not my strong point. I am a visionary, I can easily articulate a direction, I can inspire others, but, when it comes to paying the price, I am the weakest link in the team; and I am also its leader! The good news for me is that I understood that I can train and develop myself: I started to get up every morning one hour early, to read the Bible on a regular basis, to go swimming 3 times a week and, magically, it seems that many other areas of my life improved. I started to follow the fulfillment of our dreams and to work in a more organized manner. I cannot believe how my family, team and others around me tolerated me and shown me grace until now.

b) “Much more”, or God can do “immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine” – Ephesians 3:20-21 – became the motto of the year for me and for the team. Our organization’s summit (ARFO) this year will be named “Much more”, inspired to let God surprise us through what he can do through us, without us laying barriers.

c) In this time we are starting in Pitesti an NGO focused on foster care and adoption in families (especially Christian families). It will be named Project 1.27. Hearing the testimony of Robert Gelinas, I had the feeling this is what we are looking for and we are praying and hoping to see a revival taking place in Pitesti and in all the country – the Christians will understand that the care for the orphan is part of the Christian life, as prayer and Bible reading are.



What I like about the Summit each year is the opportunity to listen to diverse people, with diverse backgrounds and process the information with my team. This year, specifically, on Saturday, I processed some of the sessions with a friend who does know Jesus and her non-Christian friend. It was an opportunity to search together how we can do a more qualitative work in our job but, through this, to be able to share the Gospel. Some ideas I went home with:

a) Focus not on your carrier, but on doing your job and on people – “take care of people.” Also – blind spots – we all have them, so it means I have them too!

b) Ask for feedback – appreciative feedback but, also, constructive feedback (helps discovering blind spots also).

c) “Do not do only what you are required. Do more. Do much more every time.” This is very powerful, not in the idea of becoming a workaholic, but in terms of quality, trust, excellence.



For me, personally, it was the best year at the Summit. The atmosphere was very good, and the group time and the discussion with the audience were extremely useful. Life is people. God uses the disadvantages of our past to serve those around us.

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