About BIG

BIG Impact came into being as an interdenominational platform dedicated to offer both an environment for modeling the vision and training leaders, as well as a solution to the crisis evangelical churches face today, in the post communist Romania.

We are a group of leaders who understand the need for relevance and reformation in the Romanian church. Therefore, we have developed a set of values that unite us in working together at a national level. Our core principles are:

  • Purpose driven life and ministry
  • Discipleship as a lifestyle
  • Teamwork and Team Leadership
  • Developing Churches with Global Impact
  • Creative, Biblical Crisis Management.

For this vision to become reality, there is a need for transforming environments where people could be trained holisticaly, experientially and interactively.

A few of us started this process 10 years ago, by developing local and regional training centers, which are now able to play their part in our having a national impact.

Although each one of us has their own personal story, we testify that it was God who brought us together to have an impact in the present and future generation of Christian leaders, so that their impact will lead to the transformation of the local church and of the society in general.

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