DSC_8149smallThe founding members of the BIG IMPACT Foundation dream and work towards building a national context which is favourable to continous holistic training of a new generation of churces with global impact.

The strategic coordination of BIG facilitates the creation of this dream, through developing interdenominational teams of leaders with character, who will invest continually towards developing this context, acording to their calling, passion and natural and supernatural skills, and according to their competences and availability. The teams which are essential to fulfilling this dream bring together 1) the coordinators of the specialized networks aiming to build leaders who participate in the development of churches with global impact, 2) the creators of a continuous holistic development of the five essential skills of churches with global impact (purpose driven, discipleship as lifestyle, team leading and team working, developing churches with global impact, creative biblical management of conflicts) and 3) regional coordinators who facilitate the implementation of BIG values and practices in 16 regions in Romania.

The fulfillment of this dream also requires the development of some national facilities that would ease the continuous holistic development activity through reducing the costs associated to fulfilling this vision at an acceptable level in Romania, and would provide the financial support needed for the self-sustainment and development of this national movement.

The fulfillment of this dream would surely be continued by a Romanian indigenous accredited program of MA in global leadership that would help building the next generation of evangelical Romanian leaders.

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