Catalin and Claudia Chiciudean


Catalin is the assistant to the strategic coordinator in BIG. He has been working with young people since 1994 and, since 1998, he has been working full-time in a program for developing and training youth leaders, as part of a partnership between the Romanian Missionary Society and Reach Out Youth Solutions, where he has been part of the leadership team, has helped organizing camps, training seminars, facilitating an online platform for youth ministry resource sharing, etc. At the same time, he volunteered in BIG-Impact, assisting in the coordination and management of almost all of the BIG conferences and events.

Between 1994 – 2010 he served in the First Baptist Church in Brasov, in the youth ministry, developing many generations of disciples, training leaders, leading worship and coordinating various programs and projects.

He has a great passion for leadersihp development and training, for discipleship and for worship. He has married Claudia in 2001, and together they live in Brasov. He loves to play the guitar.

Claudia serves as BIG-Impact’s manager since 2010. She has developed and put into service her special administrative gifts and skills, working with the youth in the First Baptist from Brasov, begining with 1995. Between 1998-1999, she worked as a secretary for the ReachOut Youth Solutions-Romanian Missionary Society partnership and, between 1999-2010, she worked in the First Baptist from Brasov as the secretary and accountant of the church, assisting the overall management.

Meanwhile, together with Catalin, she volunteered for almost all the major BIG events, serving in the management and administration team.

She has a special passion for discipleship and hand-crafts.

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