Cristi Petricioiu


Born in Curtea de Arges, in a family strongly influenced by atheism, Cristi has always been searching for answers to life’s difficult existential questions. He studied all that could be studied in the communist time, especially in the fields of philosophy and art, but the answers he was looking for were not found until the college years, when he personally met with Jesus Christ. That happened after 1990. His turnaround was dramatic, as Cristi was a fervent defender of atheism.

Begining with 1991, Cristi commited himself to practicing the authentic faith, serving the One who not only changed his life, but gave him a purpose.
He is married to Mirela and together they are blessed with 3 children, Robert, Andreea and Naomi.

Cristi developed his calling in theology and biblical community transformation, graduating the BEE pastoral theology program and the Timotei Theological Institute belonging to the Free Evangelical Church. He also graduated the biblical community development courses done through Harvest and FHI (Disciple Nations Alliance), in USA (different periods of time, between 1996-1998).

Although actively involved in community development, training and holistic ministry, Cristi also works as a pastor and youth leader, alongside Nelu Sima, his senior pastor at CCC Church (Free Evangelical Church) in Curtea de Arges, church that they helped plant, with a team of 4 people.
Cristi serves in BIG Impact’s board and is focused on holistic development of the local church through community transformation, by obeying and living the Word of God.

He enjoys mountain hiking (he is a climber since he was 7), philosophy, theological reasoning, painting and tourism (exploring the beauties of our country and exposing foreigners to them by offering his services as a guide).

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