Diana Bocsa

DianaDiana Bocsa (DU) is a youth leader working in Metanoia Church of Arad.

She accepted Christ when she was 14, and a few years later became involved in the children ministry in her church. The stepping stone in her walk with God came at an English camp in the summer of 1998, when she was challenged to think and to pray about her nonChristian friends, which soon after led her to become involved in the youth minitry. In 2001 she clearly understood God’s call to work with young ladies, thus dedicating herself to youth work.

Now Diana works with teenage girls in her church, being involved in the small groups and the counseling department of the church. She also works in the youth leader’s department of BIG and is responsible for the co-ordination of the girl’s network and the ladies who disciple teenage girls, a network that has the objective to continually encourage and equip leaders from different parts of the country.

Diana likes to walk, listen to music, travel, run and swim, as well as to talk with her friends.

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