Dragos Vlasceanu

Dragos Vlasceanu is married to Sorina since August 2010. Presently he serves as OSCER’s national coordinator. He also serves in Petra Church, where he leads worship and is part of the church coordination team.

Raised in an evangelical family, in the mountains, ever since he was a little kid he was atracted towards interacting and discussing with people. His parents and his grandfather were a real life model for him in this regard.

At the age of 14, following several meetings with a family from Arges who was involved in childrens’ ministry, he accepts Jesus as his personal Saviour. This is followed by a time of serving in the childrens’ ministry. During this time he gets a desire to proclaim the Gospel in other cultures (Asia – India).

High school was a time in which God completely changed him into a follower of Christ. He studied at the Pentecostal high school in Pitesti and here, through his sister, he got in contact with OSCPI and then with OSCER.

In the fall of 2004, when he joined a discipleship group with 4 other guys, his life was radically changed by God. He understood that he has to be fully committed to Christ and that Jesus has to be the Lord of his life. He stays connected to the student ministry in all this time, with a passion for evangelizing high school and university students.

In 2007 he becomes one of the founders of Petra Church, where he leads the worship department.

In 2009 he attends, as a volunteer, a short term mission trip to India, together with his fiancee, Sorina, felling the call to full-time ministry.

During his college years, he serves as local coordinator for the student movement in Pitesti, excited about embodying the Gospel among students and investing deeper into their lives. OSCPI was the environment where he really got to know God. During this time, he becomes part of the OSCER-CN board, as a students representative for 3 years.

He graduated from the Psichology College and presently is doing his Master Degree in Business Management.

He lives in Pitesti with his wife.

One of the Scriptures that challenges and inspires him is 2 Timothy 2:21: ”… he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

He is passionate about mountain trips, outdoor activities, evangelizing, discipleship, transcultural mission, worship and all that involves God and has a connection to people.

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