Ovidiu Ghita

Ghita FamilyBorn on December 11, 1955, in Baia Mare, in a family of Baptist believers, his father being a pastor, Ovidiu was very blessed with a healthy spiritual growth and the possibility of hearing the Word of God ever since his early childhood. His conversion came later, though, at the age of 19, and it was followed by a strong commitment towards the process of his training and formation for ministry.

Even since January 1977, he entered the discipleship process developed by the Navigators, continued later through the Campus Crusade for Christ, then, from 1985 through the BEE program, and later through some theology classes taught in Romania by London Bible College. Also, he graduated with a degree in pastoral theology from the Advanced Training Studies-BEE program. Although, after graduating from a secular university in 1980 he pursued a technical career, working especially in technical design, he understood that his true calling was to serve God and his church. He worked with children, with the youth, he got involved in the process of training disciples and, in 1988 he was elected pastor of the Baptist Church in Galati. He committed to this calling and to serving as a pastor fulltime since 1990. He is married Mioara in 1978 and they have two children.

He is the pastor of “Holy Trinity” Baptist Church in Galati, where he serves together with two other pastors, and he is also the president of the county of Braila Community of Baptist churches.

Ovidiu is one of the founding members of BIG-Impact, part of the leadership board, and BIG regional coordinator for Braila-Galati area.

He loves playing chess, hiking and taking trips in the mountains, and reading.

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