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BIG 5 Church Consultation Process, Draganesti

Between March 2-4, 2016 the BIG Impact Consultation Team travelled to Draganesti Olt to spend several days with Raul Costea and his teams. This time, we focused on helping Speranta Church leadership team, and RESO (South of Oltenia Evangelistic Network) team refocus. Given the fact that the refocusing process is time consuming, we prepared ahead […]

BIG Impact and Community Bible Study International

Recently, BIG Impact leadership team was exposed to the ministry philosophy and materials produced and used by Community Bible Study International, with the purpose of using and promoting these in their own ministries. The national coordinator of BIG Impact, Gelu Paul, tells us how this approach between the two organizations happened. I was first exposed […]

Preparing for The Global Leadership Summit 2016-2017

The preparations for the next edition of The Global Leadership Summit Romania are underway for a few months already. In this edition, the Summit will take place in 6 cities, with Iasi being the newest addition. The dates are: Cluj-Napoca, 4-5 noiembrie Hateg, 25-26 noiembrie Timisoara, 25-26 noiembrie Iasi, 13-14 ianuarie Oradea, 20-21 ianuarie Bucuresti, […]

ATS – A Training Program That Advances With Big Steps!

The Pastoral Theology program has already gone through 3 of the 4 modules programmed for this year. On February 19-21, the Organizational Management module was covered through a seminar led by Gelu Paul and Titus Pastean. The purpose of this module was raising the students’ capacity in managing the ministry of their church or organization. […]

The Gospel in Every Season

A few insights about the present and the past, shared by Diana Anton, or DU (how many of us know her), both from BIG Impact, and from the ministry with girls and women involved in discipling young girls, with whom she works for many years. This summer came all of a sudden – not the […]