MihaiD_smallThe pastors’ network exists to support evangelical pastors in Romania in their holistic development. Our desire is to help local churches have a global impact – and for this to become reality, the key elements are the pastors and their teams.

The vision of this network is for us to be a movement of purpose driven pastors, who make discipleship a lifestyle, who work and lead in a team environment, who serve and have a glogal impact on churhces and who manage crisis in biblical and creative ways.

For this vision to become reality, our mission is creating contexts and the necessary infrastructure for training pastors to have a global impact. Every spring we organize a national conference that aims at motivating pastors and their ministry teams. Every fall we have the BIG 5 conferences, followed by de follow-up meetings in their local regions, aiming at helping churches develop these:

  • Purpose driven ministry
  • Discipleship as a lifestyle
  • Team work and team leadership
  • Church with global impact
  • Biblical and creative crisis management.

We are thrilled to see pastors from various evangelical denominations working together for something that goes beyond the limits of the local church or denomination, namely the Kingdom of God.

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