Young Women

Diana BocsaThe “Young ladies in ministry” network is a network ladies and girls who work with teenage girls in their local churches. The main objective of the network is that these young ladies will receive continual care, that they will be well equipped and trained, encouraged and motivated to disciple teeanage girls in their local church.

The idea of creating such a network came about in 2006, following some visits around the country and discussions with different leaders who told us about their needs and their visions (personal and for their ministry). We wanted to address their needs and to offer specific care to the ladies who minister to teenage girls.

In the network we have a group which meets via email, in which we have over 200 members, where we can dicuss what we learn, talk about good books we’ve read and studied, creative ideas for ministry, thus this network can be used as a resource for the work with teenagers. In this network we also offer teaching about discipleship and couselling of teenage girls. Another way in which we can offer care and instruction is through annual national conferences, where we bring them together to offer the opportunity to get to know one another and to learn from one another as well as from the guest speakers. Our desire is for the ladies who are involved in discipling teenage girls to receive healthy teaching at these conferences, to be encouraged, challenged and renewed spiritually, so that they can multiply their disciples.

The young ladies network is still in the early stages of its existence, but we have already seen that there is a place for encouragement and care for many leaders with whom we collaborate. Here are some of their testimonies:

“I am so pleased about this ministry and I believe that it is so necessary! You are such an encouragement for me!” Dia- Arad

“I am so encouraged by this group that addresses leaders. When I read your emails, I am so happy to see how God works in so many hearts. I trust that He will strengthen each one of us and that He will help us be more pleasing to Him.” Gabriela – Dorohoi

“I am very encouraged by this initiative! I look forward to seeing what God will do though BIG and this network.” Ana – Arad

“A few days ago I was speaking with someone from the network about this idea and I said to her that I was so surprised when I received the first email. Now I can say that I am thrilled when I receive an email, even from someone whom I don’t know, but who introduces herself and tells us about something she has learned … it is a good idea and I am thrilled to meet new leaders and to see what they tell us about what God does in their lives.” Mihaela – Bucuresti

“I am enthusiastic about this network and am convinced that many good things will come from it. I don’t know whether you have thought to associate this network with the film “Charlie’s Angels” , but I have, and I believe that we are on a mission together. ” Laura – Arad

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