FlaviuComanThe Youth Network aims towards developing, assisting and connecting youth leaders, with the purpose of developing dynamic, balanced youth ministries, that are anchored in today’s culture.

We fulfill our objectives by training youth leaders and their teams in the following areas:

  • Philosophy for ministry – where do I start from and where do I go? Purpose driven vs. program driven approach.
  • Lifestyle discipleship – the purpose is not informing, but transforming the youth after the image of Christ!
  • Teamwork and team leadership – you can’t acchieve greatness by yourself!
  • Developing a global impact ministry – from the ”chicken pen” mentality to the Kingdom mentality!

The questions youth leaders ask the most, questions that we asked ourselves, are the following:

  • What are the major topics that significantly contribute to developing young people after the image of Christ?
  • What are the speciffic characteristics of each stage in life and what do the young people need to know about each stage?
  • How do young people learn?
  • How can we develop a curriculum, based on young people’s needs?
  • What is the dynamics of youth ministry?

The good news is that, together with other youth leaders and pastors, we found biblical answers to these things!

If you are struggling with these questions in ministering to the young generation and are willing to enter a learning/assisting/mentoring/connecting process, write us at and we will be glad to offer help!

Currently, BIG-Impact’s Youth Network is coordinated by Flaviu Coman, assisted by Bill and Bobbie Trenckmann, Catalin Dieaconu and Brian and Katie Burkhardt.


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