ATS – the Pastoral Theology Program


A.T.S. is a program designed to raise the level of training and equipping of those Christian workers who are educated, qualified and involved in ministry. The emphasis is on developing a godly character and, also, on developing the skills needed for serving.

Our goal is to help the participants in the process of cultivating personal spirituality and godliness, humility, honor and good relationships in the personal, family and ministry life.

The program is coordinated by:

Andy Seidel – president of Entrust, M.S. University of Illinois; Th.M., D.Min. Candidate, Dallas Theological Seminary; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, (1968-1972), Lecturer in Management and Administrative Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas (1972-1976), Pastor, Grace Bible Church, College Station, TX (1976-1990); Coordinator – A.T.S. Pastoral Theology, 1990 – present; Executive Director, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1997 – present.

Assisted by:

Mihai Dumitrascu – National Coordinator – A.T.S. Pastoral Theology, Pastor, “Emanuel” Christian Church, Galati; B.A. in Electro-Mechanics, Galati University (1986); Leadership Certificate at “Christ for the Nations” Institute, Dallas, Texas (1992); ATS-Pastoral Theology graduate (1996); M.A. in Global leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena (2013).

Gelu Paul – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Coordinating Pastor, “Vox Domini” Church Timisoara; BIG Impact Foundation president, B.A. in Electronics and Telecommunications, IPTVT Timisoara (1987); M. Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (1995); EDS, PhD, Trinity International University (2014).

Petrica Ursache – Manager – Pastoral Theology, elder – Brethren Church, Botosani; B.A. in Electro-Technics, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi (1972-1977); ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (1999); M.A. in Practical Theology, TCMI (2010).

Ovidiu Ghita – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, “Sfânta Treime” Baptist Church, Galati; B.A. in U.T.S. , Galati University (1980); BEE (1986-1993); ITB Bucuresti (intensive courses 1988-1989); London Bible College – Brunel University, London (1992-1993); ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (2003).

Adrian Totan – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, ”Vox Domini” Church, Timisoara; B.A., “Politehnica” University Timisoara (2001); ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (2006).

Adrian Lauran – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Founder of OSCEC Student Ministry, Craiova; Founding Pastor, “Pro DEO” Baptist Church, Craiova; pastoring now “Quo Vadis” Church, Hateg; B.A. in Informatics, F.A.C.E. Craiova, (1994); ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (2006).

Brian Eby – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Entrust representative; M.A. in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary (1988).

Dorin Dumitrascu – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, elder, “Emanuel” Christian Church, Galati; B.A. in Literature, “Dunarea de Jos” University Galati, ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (2013).

Titus Pastean – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, “Vox Domini” Church, Timisoara; B.A. in Pastoral Theology, ITB Bucuresti (1996).

Lucian Rotaru – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, “Betel” Pentecostal Church, Constanta; B.A. in Pastoral Theology, ITP Bucuresti (2007); M.A. in Systematic Theology, ITB Bucuresti (2010); ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (2013).

Alex Ilie – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, “Petra” Church, Pitesti; B.A. in Pastoral Theology and Didactics, Bucuresti University; B.A. in Sociology and Psychology, Bucuresti University, ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate; currently studying for his M.A. at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena.

Emanuel Moisa – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, Seleus Baptist Church, Arad County; B.A. in Pastoral Theology, ITB Bucuresti; M.Div. Central Baptist Theological Seminary (2001).

Aurel Bahnaru – Trainer – Pastoral Theology, Pastor, “Deo Gloria” Church, Timisoara; ATS – Pastoral Theology graduate (2006); B.A. in Psychology, Tibiscus Timisoara (2008); M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Psychologic Counseling, Universitatea de Vest Timisoara (2012); Independent Psychotherapist.

Woody Woodward – Trainer – Pastoral Theology; Pastor, Kingwood Bible Church, Texas; B.A. at University of Texas; Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D candidate at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts.

Lidija Paul – Trainer – MA in Theology, Osijek Evangelical Seminary; B.A. in Psychology, Novi Sad.

The Pastoral Theology program follows the model of Theological Colleges and Universities in USA. Andy Seidel attended and taught at internationally recognized and accredited institutions and, also, in many local churches. All the trainers share the BIG-Impact philosophy for education, which is biblical, practical and relevant to the needs of the local churches and, at the same time, it implements teaching methods that are inductive, interactive and transformational.

Qualifying for the program

The participants are recommended by the leaders of the beneficiary churches and are accepted into the program following an evaluation done by the ATS staff. In the selection process, the character, effectiveness in ministry and theological level are taken into account.

The candidate has to be:

1. Qualified to be an elder, as described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

2. Involved in ministry and able to evangelize, make disciples, preach and teach.

3. Committed to continue his ministry during the ATS studies and after graduating from the program.

4. Recommended by the local church and/or a denominational leader, as someone who fulfills the needed conditions to be (currently or in the future) a respected and accepted teacher, according to the statutory stipulations of his denomination.

5. Committed to serve inside the country or to get involved in trans-cultural missions.

6. High-school graduate and formal or non-formal theology training program graduate.

7. Committed to finalizing the ATS program, doing all the required assignments and attending all the training modules.

The acceptance process

1. The candidates are selected by the ATS staff, in cooperation with the church and/or denominational leaders.

2. The candidate fills the Candidate Form.

3. The person who recommends the candidate fills the Recommendation Form, on behalf of the Church Regional Community which the participant belongs to.

4. The candidate attends the theological knowledge exam and the interview with the ATS staff.

The program

The course has 13 modules. Each module is attended online, over a 3 month period. Each week, the student and the trainer will interact online, based on the studied material. The students are also responsible to interact, on a weekly basis, with their colleagues.

During each module, the participants will spend 3 days together with their trainers and with their fellow students. The seminars will focus on the studied material and the books needed for each module.

A maximum of 4 modules will be covered each year. Each participant will need at least 5 hours of preparation per each meeting hour. In other words, they will need 90 hours of preparation for each module.


1. Principles for serving in the church

2. Bible study

3. Personal development

4. The family of the Christian worker

5. Church leadership

6. Lifestyle worship

7. Biblical preaching

8. Holistic biblical edifying

9. Biblical ethics

10. Biblical counseling and congregational care

11. Organizational management

12. Church growth management

13. Graduation and integration


Each student will pay for the books needed for each module and will cover a fee of 30 lei/module. Also, the transportation for exam and for each module is covered by each student. The modules (3 days) are organized, usually, in the center of the country, in Bra?ov County. Housing and meals are provided by BIG-Impact.

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