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The partnership between BIG-Impact and Crown Financial Ministry Foundation aims to promote biblical financial management values. Titus Pastean, the coordinator of this ministry has shared with us some interesting things about this ministry.

Recently we organized a biblical conference on financial topics.

Marisel, Cluj, September 16-18. Organized by Renasterea Baptist Church, this event that took the form of a family camp targeted on discovering, digging deeper and developing sound principles and practices regarding biblical financial management, both personally, and as families.

Over 60 participants came from Renasterea Church and from other churches in Cluj, some came as work place colleagues or friends from outside the evangelical circles – and, also, a group of Americans came from a partner church. They were all invited through the sessions and the panel discussions to evaluate their ways of doing finances, and were challenged towards a biblical perspective on this issue. The applications were very clear – the need for financial planning as a way of controlling expenses (using a budget), integrity in money management (both in obtaining money and in using it), giving as a way of trusting the Lord as the provider, etc.

One of the participants, Corneliu Szekely-Ha?egan, wrote some of his insights:

The camp focused on money management was a real success. Many of the participants, both from Renasterea Church and other invitees confessed that they liked it a lot. The sessions, the participants, the weather and the entire mood were awesome! We thank the organizers for everything!

Another great news is that, with God’s help, we succeeded in launching the first multilingual subtitled DVD which contains the first 3 from a series of short movies, inspired from Bible stories, in the series ”God Provides.” This is intended to be a teaching experience through films. The three Bible stories on the DVD are: Widow and Oil, Jeremiah’s Call and Lifted Up. For those interested, the DVD can be ordered from

Work is in progress for translating and producing the second DVD with Abram’s Reward, Abraham and Isaac, and Rich Man and Lazarus. Details can be found at

The major project in progress is the translating and adapting of the materials for the web format of Career Direct, a tool for educational and occupational assessment and orientation (or reorientation). The underlying conviction of this material is that the main value we receive from God and have to manage is ourselves. More on this tool at and . We will be back with details.

We invite you to pray with us for these projects.

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