Evaluation and Planning in the Young Women in Ministry Network

One of the BIG networks where work is done with dedication and skill is that of the Young Women in Ministry. Following, Diana Bocsa shares with us a few insights about the last meeting, focused on evaluation and planning.

At the end of September 2012, in Bucharest, we met with the coordinating team for evaluation. The days we spent together were not only sunny, our capital was going through a colorful and beautiful Autumn season, but, above all, intimate, challenging and effective in planning for the future. We evaluated our April conference and established strategic objectives and action points for the school year we stepped into.

The first day was spent listening and celebrating the way God worked in our lives during the last months and, also, by praying for one another. It is so nice to know you have sisters in Christ, true friends who care for you enough that they will intercede for you before God!

In the second day we discussed some principles of a healthy evaluation. Most of us were raised up in an educational system where evaluation has negative meaning. The professor was trying to show us we did not know enough, and the grades reflected the ability to memorize the information, more than an evaluation of the real learning and development. Inside our network we aim at developing a culture for healthy evaluations, focused not only on evaluating the effort, but especially to evaluate the impact and the results. Also, following our conferences and meetings, we do not simply want the girls to enrich their knowledge, but also to grow in faith. This faith is always connected to obeying and putting things into practice. With the Holy Spirit’s help, this is possible!

After evaluating the April conference, we developed a dynamic and relevant evaluation tool we intend to use for the future and, then, we worked at planning the next year.

We are thankful for our time together, which always brings us closer to the One whose Kingdom we wish to enlarge. This time also brings us closer to each other.

We are thankful for your support in prayer, and we are asking God to help us be fruitful in this year.


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